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Staying Current in Cybersecurity

In the cybersecurity field, staying informed about the latest developments, and threats is crucial. In this post, I’ll write about some strategies which I utilize.

Table of Contents

  1. RSS Readers
  2. Follow Researchers and Organizations
  3. Participate in Forums and Communities

RSS Readers

RSS readers like Inoreader are useful tools for viewing content from various sources in one platform. There are others such as Feedly, OpenRSS, and Google Alerts where you can use Google Dorks.

Via your preferred RSS Reader, subscribe to industry blogs, cybersecurity news sites, and security researchers. Many cybersecurity professionals maintain personal blogs or contribute to industry platforms.

I dedicate morning time to scroll through recent news from various sources while sipping sparkling water.

Follow Researchers and Organizations

Twitter, is a rich source of real time information. Follow security researchers and organizations, to stay informed on the latest trends. Within Twitter, you can create a private list where you monitor relevant accounts, and visit the tab ocassionally to stay updated.

I utilize Twitter for various purposes, from following security researchers to staying informed about geopolitical developments.

On YouTube I enjoy watching John Hammond and Mental Outlaw, both channels are worth checking out. There are also podcasts, but with all due respect, they’re all garbage.

Participate in Forums and Communities

Engaging with cybersecurity communities through platforms like Discord, Twitter, and forums provide a space for chatting, learning, and hearing about experiences from the community.

Personally, I like Discord, and there are countless communities to join. Whether you’re into learning with TryHackMe, seeking certifications with OffSec, or bug hunting with HackerOne.

Published Jan 1, 2024

Qais Qais is a security researcher dedicated to safeguarding digital environments.